Background Checks

Background Checks

Tri-State Fingerprinting offers full-service background checks ranging from social security number verification to name-based background checks, Credit Checks, and driving records to name just a few. Investigating potential new hires help keep your company, your employees and customers safe from potential risks. Theft, violence, lawsuits and replacing unsuitable hires can cost you far more than a thorough background screening. To uncover criminal or civil histories that may be important in your hiring process, we provide a variety of court level record searches

Court Record Searches
Civil Record Search:
A Civil Record Search Report is completed at the county and federal level. This report will provide information about lawsuits and litigation history in which the applicant is or has been associated with.
Criminal Background Search:
Criminal Background Search Report can be completed at the county, state, and federal level where you client has lived for the past 7 years. This report will detail any convictions history whether it be misdemeanors and/or felonies the individual may have had.
Driving History Search:
The Driving History Search Report returns driving history infractions of the individual. Please note some states require an additional release form to be signed by the individual.
Nationwide Sexual Offender Search:
The Nationwide Sexual Offender Search is completed at the national level. This reports whether an individual has been convicted and reported as a sex offender in any state.
Federal Criminal Report:
The Federal Criminal Report details any criminal history the individual has at that level. Serious offenses can indicate a serious threat to businesses and employees. We provide searches in all federal districts.
SSN Verification:
The SSN Verification validates whether the name provided and social security number combination match and have been issued by the Social Security Administration.
Criminal history checks everywhere your applicant has lived or worked. These are available in nearly every country in the world. Determine if your applicant is associated with terrorism or on government watch lists. Global check is a Patriot Act name search of fourteen databases. including OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons, FBI and Interpol Most Wanted. Homeland Security watch list is a combination of government sanctions, disbarment, security watch and terrorist list.

With an increase in negligent hiring, retention, and defamation lawsuits; spiraling recruitment and training costs; and an upsurge in workplace violence and theft, employers are under pressure to conduct comprehensive background checks and investigations to find out as much as they can about potential employees. Job applicants have been known to exaggerate or even lie on a job application or resume’, or in a job interview, which further highlights the need for employers to investigate the backgrounds of potential employees and confirm application data.

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